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Why I Love Football

So many other sports going on right now.  But here I am in the offseason wishing September would get here faster.  So here's food-for-thought on a slow weekend from a football-deprived fan.  

Football has more teamwork and coordination than any other sport I can think of.  It's not unusual to have all 22 players involved in a play, both pre-snap and after-snap.  I don't think any other sport comes close.

Other sports have impressive athletes performing incredible moves of agility, power, and speed.  Same as football.  But most actions in baseball basically involve 3 people: pitcher, batter, catcher.  In soccer and basketball there's teamwork for sure.  But a lot of those games involve one-on-one matchups, taken one at a time.  Football has all of these matchups going on at the same time.  I like watching tennis as the French Open is on.  But (with the exception of doubles, which gets little publicity) tennis is all one-on-one.  There's lots of strategy and athleticism, but no teamwork to speak of.  Golf, same thing, with even less strategic interaction than tennis.  I think hockey is dynamic like football...I guess I'd like it better if I had ever learned to skate.  :)

I think the teamwork angle makes the coaching and planning roles in football more important.  And I think that just makes it more interesting and exciting to watch.

For me, the opposite of football are the individual events at the Olympics.  Impressive stuff no doubt...but just plain boring compared to football.

What Kind of Coach is Ben McAdoo?

One of my favorite movie quotes comes from the movie, “The Breakfast Club.”  “You see us as you want to see us - in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain and an athlete and a basket case and a princess and a criminal.  Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.”  I believe that is what vexes people when it comes to coach Ben McAdoo.  He doesn’t fit the most convenient definition.

It would be comforting to many if Ben McAdoo fit one of the usual definitions for a head coach.   The brilliant Xs and Os coaches like Bill Belichick, the player-friendly coach like Buddy Ryan, the Disciplinarian like Tom Coughlin or a great motivator like Bill Parcells.  When you try to apply one of these usual categories to Ben McAdoo, they don’t seem to fit any more than the suit he wore for his initial press conference.

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How Drafting DT Dalvin Tomlison in Round Two Was a No-Brainer

It’s funny how the Giants draft, in the mind of many well-informed fans and pundits, hinged on the second round pick of 3 tech defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlison, who was picked to replace the departed Johnathan Hankins.  The reason many fans and pundits feel that way is they felt the biggest need for the Giants was a starting caliber offensive lineman, preferably a tackle, to bolster what was a less than ideal offensive line last season.  So when the Giants drafted Tomlison at pick 55, that meant they passed on the last two offensive tackle prospects with year one starter potential in Dion Dawkins and Taylor Moton.  Beyond those two picks what remained was projects and maybe a possible starting guard prospect. 

The reasoned approach by these fans and pundits was that they could draft a starting offensive lineman in round 2 and then come back and draft the defensive tackle in round 3 or maybe even later.  There would have been considerable praise had the Giants drafted OT/OG Dion Dawkins in round 2 and came back in round 3 and drafted Hankins replacement.  Shaun O’Hara, who infamously railed against this year’s Giants draft, certainly would have been a happier camper.  Dawkins could have added some potential competition to Ereck Flowers and as a fall back offer a nice upgrade to John Jerry who’s pass blocking was adequate but who was a liability in his run blocking, which is pretty important for the right guard position.

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It would be like water off a duck's back. Nothing fazes this man.
Lol that would be awesome except the Giants would really be unwatchable.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
The worst part of the OL to me is that we cannot do any one thing well.  If you could hang your hat on being able to block the run well or block the pass well or block a screen well you can build off of that.With no strength there is nothing we can ma...
Flowers will have a good chance to get some Staff fired.
It's about an hour and I was able to get all your questions in as best I could. Thank you all who participated. Cid, AP_Dale, Mitch, Londonblue, Burt Chief, MP21, Bob, Tim-200 and JimV. Patti had some great insight and didn't hold back where criticism...

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Tight end listed as “limited” in practice Rookie tight end Evan Engram is in the NFL concussion protocol, per the injury report released on Wednesday by the New York Giants. Engram was listed on the injury report as a limited participant in Wednesday’s practice. Engram, the Giants’ first-round pick, has eight receptions for 93 yards (11.6 yards per catch) and one touchdown (which we reviewed here). NJ.com reported that Engram’s being in the protocol is “precautionary.” Coach Ben McAdoo shed no light Engram, saying only that “he’s in the protocol.” Linebacker B.J. Goodson (shin), cornerback Janoris Jenkins (ankle), linebacker...
Detroit tight end has words for Giants’ safety The Detroit Lions dominated the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, 24-10. The Lions may have won the game but their starting tight end, Eric Ebron, is still not happy with Giants safety Landon Collins following a hit in the first half. The hit occurred in the first half, followed by an Ebron touchdown catch later on in the half. "I was pissed off," Ebron told the Detroit News. "I was pissed off at that little punk of a safety that got over there. ... I just told...
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