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All You Need to Know About the 1st Quarter and the Game

The Giants led 10-0 at the end of the quarter but that was the result of a stout Defense which offset some sloppy play by Nassib and certain players of the Offense.


First let’s give credit on Offense. Geremy Davis +3 ran nice routes. Shane Vareen had a 19 yard gain on a cutback and ran well and I graded him a +2. Surely to be a big contributor this season. Sterling Sheppard had a huge diving catch, similar to what he did most days in Camp. He also had a nice block downfield on a run and was open on 2 other occasions +4. Orleans Darkwa got a +2 from me. Whitlock +2 had a nice lead block and a nice play on Special Teams. Both Centers (Richburg and Jones) played well except for the high snap by Richburg that Eli would have caught.  

I have a slightly lower grade to Pugh -2 because of a couple of poor blocks, Jennings -1 because of vision on a run, Donnell had a nice block downfield but a bad penalty gave him a -1. Newhouse was a 0 grade as he had a nice run block but he gave up 2 pressures. Will Tye failed to block his man downfield but had a nice catch and
yac. Hart was a -1 along with Seymour. 

The horrible started off with Gettis on a -2 but that was just the beginning of a very bad day. He’s gotta go.Also pack the bags of Stingily who is looking to be a swing Tackle and back up Guard but a -5 isn’t going to cut it. Give me Bobby Hart any day of the week. Eric Flowers a -3 and he’s not what we expected against a backup DE. If I hear anyone bitch about Newhouse without hammering Flowers first.. I’m just going to lose it. 

That brings us to the not yet ready for primetime Ryan Nassib. Here’s my take on Ryan in that first period and don’t let the score fool you. When you have the ball on the
one yard line and come away with a Field Goal because you didn’t lead the receiver properly on a fade and you didn’t see, trust or wait one second for Geremy Davis who had position on the goal line, not good. When you throw poor passes off the back foot and nearly have the ball intercepted, not good. When you escape the pocket and have time to re-adjust to a wide open receiver downfield for an easy first down but choose to run the ball short, not good. When you don’t set a full 5 yards off the LOS for that quick 2 step back on the shotgun and get progressively closer to the struggling second team O-line or fail to roll out when it was clear they were struggling, very... not good. When your team leads by 10 and you are a -4 with weak passing yard numbers at halftime and show a weak arm on deep Go Routes underthrowing the receiver with poor placement, you disappoint Eli who can give up any hopes of an early retirement (Insert dripping sarcasm here). Ryan needs more playing time and I don’t necessarily put it all on him. The man is here on the last year of his contract as a backup, there is no way he can replace Eli Manning in the event he goes down. He should have gotten more playing time over the years. Very, very... not good. Eli was often not perfect and had his fair share of WTF moments so let’s be understanding and see what the next four games bring. 


Special Teams

Brad Wing is a weapon. Nuff said! Rainey on kickoff and punts? Don’t give up your day job. Check that…ball security is a major issue. Where’s Tom Coughlin when you need him? Forget that...he's a cut. Andre Williams can surely get downfield unblocked but heover ran the ball carrier on two occasions. He needs to work on that. 

Bj Goodson made a nice ST Tackle but as I pointed out in my camp reports, Eli Apple is a huge asset on Defense and Special teams. 



Pressure, solid tackling, nice coverage, alert awareness and a wall against the run that Donald Trump would be proud of is the story of the game here. This Defense is exponentially and light years ahead of the motley bunch of the last 4 years. Read ‘em and have that feel good feeling knowing that it will only get better.

Eli Apple nearly flawless at +5

Olivier Vernon + 3

Jon Casillas +4 on two takeaways. One an INT. Could be his finest performance in blue.

Odiggy, Collins, JPP +1

‘n Snacks two thumbs up! 

So that’s the story. The score should have at least been 14-0 at the end of the quarter, playing against the Dolphins second team Defensive Line and the score should have been higher. As for the game score, four turnovers are the tale of the tape.

Several Players got banged up and what's with all the groin injuries this year? Nothing major is a good thing. Unless we hear otherwise. 

A shout out to Ben McAdoo who called a
time out on another bunched formation on third down to spread the formation although his QB didn’t execute. Also committing to the run game to the point of an unbalanced Offense was a good thing. Two struggling backup QB’s and a Run Offense that couldn’t get out of
it’s own way last year clearly was the right decision. Kudos to Steve Spagnuolo who didn’t put out a vanilla game plan. 

In the final analysis of the game, it broke down like this:

Passing 9/18 for 69 yards
Rushing 32 attempts for 158 yards
Time of possession 32:53 Miami, 27:07 New York
Turnovers Miami 1 New York 4
Injuries- UGH!  

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