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My observations from the 1st pre-season game

I have very mixed feelings about this team and (as many of you know), A LOT of questions about the roster and Coaching / Front Office.  All of that being said, here are my observations:


QB: Eli didn't play and Eli is the BEST of this team so the Quarterback position for this game was at best a question mark.
Unfortunately the answer to the question for me is that there is no one behind Eli who is equipped to handle the bright lights of the NFL (especially in the glare of NYC). Nassib was not mentally prepared to start (and while the OL was far from stellar...I'll get to them in a minute) he showed little pocket presence, rarely (if ever) took advantage of his mobility and never set and threw through his body all night. In short 9albeit a 1 game sample) he failed miserably as a starter. I saw one pass all night that was placed where it was needed to be placed. Literally every other throw was an under throw, not placed to give his receiver the advantage in the match up, and often put the ball where he was pretty much begging for the receiver to fall awkwardly, expose his body to a big hit and otherwise get hurt on the play. I won't bother evaluating the 3rd stringer because I don't see him on an NFL roster this season at all.

WR: Shephard looks like the real deal and I'm excited to see him pair up with Odell. He literally bailed Nassib out on the short hopped long ball that he did a reverse
lay out to catch (I was afraid he was hurt because of the awkward come back to get the ball). Geremy Davis and Roger Lewis have great potential...this unit could be one of the Giants strengths.

RB: Williams had good and bad plays (more good) he still needs to read his blocks and stay patient better because he missed at least two opportunities for BIG runs. Jennings is Jennings...I like him and he could be a bell cow IF he can stay healthy. I liked the rookie from UCLA, I hope he gets more looks.

FB/TE: Nothing to see here, no one stands out as far as I'm concerned...what I AM concerned about is a lack of a TRUE All around TE on the roster...then again TE is technically part of the offensive line, so I guess I'm not surprised.

OL: Where do I begin? The fact that the best RT on the roster is a middling starting LT instead? How about the fact that there is no the true LT on this roster and Newhouse at RT is a JOKE? Back-ups? Where? Does any position have a legitimate
back up? Maybe one of the G positions? Now to give Nassib a little relief, if you're a veteran OL and you know you have a young QB debuting, how about a little room in the pocket? Very few times was there room to step up and throw...not even on the Great John Jerry's side. It's far too late in the pre-season to be shopping for starting OL (especially Tackle) so this is where my issues are strongest AGAINST this FO/Coaching regime. I know that Eli is mastering this offense and for that reason he can get rid of the ball much more quickly than Nassib...I'm just praying he doesn't get WHACKED thanks to this group of misfits.


DL: I can't say that I can complain about this group (as long as that hand holds up for JPP). The starting DL is well above average and the depth with guys like Odiggity, and Maponga (is that his name?) is exciting I forgot the kid from ND Okwara, excited about him as
well.. On the interior, Hankins needs to stay healthy and motivated, Snacks is a human wall and when he was in the line-up you could see the difference in physical presence up front.. If so, the sky's the limit for this group. Vernon is explosive and FAST!

LB: I'm praying for the rookie Goodson to come through. Casillas play was encouraging, he looks like he's playing much faster...hoping Kennard can live up to his promise...overall...again, I don't see enough quality all around starters nor depth.

CB: Apple looks like the real deal...KEEP HIM HEALTHY. Jenkins should also be a difference maker, and I've always liked DRC as a cover man and an overall defender...as long as the starters stay healthy this should be a
much improved unit. Depth is questionable.

S: The rookie Thompson looks like a stud, he had command of the backfield and was flying around making plays and
I'm hoping Collins has turned the corner, he looks a lot more confident...if so (again if they both stay healthy) this should be a
much improved unit. Hoping we can develop depth.


K - no need to comment, solid
P - Could be a weapon
Gunners - Apple and Thompson or Harris should be the gunners IMHO
Punt Return - Rainey won't be on the roster IMO
KO return - see PR

I'm guessing Harris is the return man for both punts and kicks.

Summary: So many questions on depth across the roster it just makes me nervous. The two units that have the chance to bail out the balance of this (unbalanced) roster are DL and QB. If Eli can stay upright and have at least enough time to get rid of the ball and the DL can maintain pressure all season, they have the ability to cover up JR's sins and take us to the playoffs.

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