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Camp Report – comments on all of the new faces

Kenny Phillips - Kenny is exclusively playing safety on the second team. Most often he is the free. He shows good range and a good nose for the ball and a hit. He can get fooled in man to man at times. Has not gotten himself out of position, is lining up correctly and is catching on. Has seen the blitz but it is usually Sammy Knight there as the strong.

Terrell Thomas – Terrell has been as advertised, an NFL ready guy who is smart and can cover. Plays tall and is physical. He stayed with Mario on a fly pattern, so he is not slow as some have said. A standout and perhaps the best rookie performer do far IMO.(taking nothing away from KP). I really like this guy. Has seen the blitz and looks good at it.

Mario Manningham – Has missed two practices, Monday. On Friday and Saturday he was quiet, with just a couple of short catches, one on a crossing pattern that could have yielded YAC. Finally caught a couple of balls today, including a nice stop fade on the right sideline, and one on a nice deep curl. Got good separation there and found the seam of the zone properly. Seemed to know the safety was there and got down.  But so far he has shown little else, and has often struggled to get free of coverage. Today we saw a glimpse.  We should see more of him tomorrow.

Bryan Kehl has played weak side safety for the second and third team, depending on Clark’s availability. Kehl shows the agility to play weak side, and the discipline. He has stayed home nicely on the misdirection and end arounds.  Can struggle a bit in coverage, but has made a play or two there as well. Good against the run – looks stout at the LOS.

Jonathan Goff is the third string MLB. He has shown better lateral movement and coverage skills than his scouting reports. He had great coverage helping out on a TE deep out Friday, showing range.

Robert Henderson has been playing third string LDE. He is often going up against Shane Olivea, so he does not have a creampuff job. He got a pressure Saturday, and penetration yesterday morning. I need to see more to say more.

Andre Woodson – has gotten a lot of snaps with Carr out. He is an accurate thrower who is a little slow getting rid of the ball, but does not IMO have the big windup some say. He has only average rookie footwork that could be a holdover from knee issues. Not a big arm, or at least is not trying to throw with a lot of zip yet. Good touch on throws. Has not connected deep a lot yet. Has had a couple busted plays/fumbles and at least one where he did not get the crew lined up properly. Works as the fourth now that Carr is back.

David Carr – threw well in his first solo drills, and did ok his first night. Seemed alright in his first 11 on 11’s but did not connect deep at all. Mostly short stuff. Today he had footwork issues, falling down on one play. All short stuff as he could not find guys open downfield – he was always taking his third option. Looked a little tentative.

Reynaldo Wynn – Winn is getting snaps at DE with the second team, and had some snaps as a DT on the third after Nate Robinson went down. Reynaldo has gotten penetration and has also looked good against the run. He has had work in the zone blitz and looked fluid. He is a veteran and he is fitting right in. 

Sammy Knight – another fan, a knowledgeable guy, told me Sammy looked a little slow. I don’t see it. Has worked mostly strong with the second team. Sammy is a hitter who does not get out of position. Looks like he blitzes well. Has worked with specials, particularly KO coverage. I think he will be a big asset like RW has been.

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