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I like what Jerry Reese is doing in this free agency period

I am a firm believer in the best way to work the draft is to go into the draft with no pressing needs.   Well the way Jerry is working the draft in terms of retaining players and adding players he is effectively eliminating any sort of pressing need (I am anticipating Hankins or a replacement to be signed shortly).   That means the team will be able to literally go best athlete available in the early rounds.   Now the team does ideally need to pick up a CB and a RB in later rounds but I classify that more as you need room for the new draft picks to contribute rather than a pressing need that forces a team to reach for need.

Now consider the positions

QB-  The team could draft one in any round including round 1 if they feel they can get their next franchise QB.

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What the Giants still need to get done and how they can do it

The Giants have been pretty impressive in terms of keeping and acquiring talent.  I will break down the needed action by position

Quarterback-   It's pretty clear Eli Manning is the man and will be the man at least for all of this season.  The real question to be learned this year will be if last season's decline was due to age or was due to a lack of talent around him.    As for a backup, it seems the Giants could be content to ride with Josh Johnson and Geno Smith fighting it out as Eli's backup.  While the Giants drafting a QB wouldn't be a surprise, I think the quality of the draft class will make such a move unlikely. 

Running Back-   Paul Perkins and his 4.1 yd/carry average shows the team has their starting RB.  Behind him, they have fan/beat writer favorite Darkwa and 3rd down specialist Vereen.  With the RB draft class being plentiful one would expect to see the Giants draft a companion for Perkins.  However with many other draft needs/wants/could use drafting a RB isn't a sure thing.  Ellison fills the need if the Giants want to use a FB next season.

Wide Receiver-  If there is one area where the team has it's work completed it's at WR.  With OBJ, Marshal and Shepard as their top 3 and sophomores Lewis and King behind them, this position is set

Tight End-  The Giants have a top three of blocking TE Ellison, promising rookie TE Adams and Will Tye (who seemed to regress a bit from a promising rookie season) the team could stand pat.   I suspect the only way the team adds a TE is if the talent falling to them is too great to pass (with this TE class that's a real possibility).

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53 Man Roster Projection


Eli Manning
Ryan Nassib

Running Backs

Rashad Jennings
Paul Perkins
Shane Vereen
Andre Williams

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