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Our Mission Statement (All Members please read)
« on: December 08, 2015, 05:13:06 PM »
"Welcome to the Big Blue Huddle where you can meet passionate and informed Fans of the New York Giants and Students of the game. The goal is to share information and discuss topics pertaining to our New York Giants and to reply to these topics in a civil give and take manner.

This isn't a debate board. If you disagree with someone's opinion you can respectfully introduce your take on the subject but never put down or attack the other Member. Good information and content is backed up by facts but if it's your opinion, you should state so. Everyone is a representative of this site. We do not disrespect the players, coaches or the organization.

If you would like to post an article, copy and paste a small portion of the article and then post the link to the original source. If it's a small article you can post it in it's entirety but alway post a link to the original author giving the original author credit. Not doing so can be considered a copyright infringement.   

We don't engage in discussions about Politics, Religion or Race issues however if you would like to post an occasional Current Event Topic start the Topic Title with NFT (Not Football Topic). This way it does not get broadcast out to our Social Media Sites such as Twitter or Facebook. At some point the thread may be moved to our Front Porch Board for further and more in depth conversation and leave more space on the front page to the football forum for what we are all here for, NY Giants Football.

We understand that this community is not for everyone. It's very unique and the manner in which it's moderated and content that is allowed is not up for discussion. We do things here a certain way and it's worked well for us since 2007. We have a group of volunteers that moderate the site and we have a seasoned group of Moderator Emeritus Members and Core Members who care very deeply about our community. Members often meet for Home Games, Away Games and for Get Togethers. Any Member with Hall Of Fame Status is welcome to to get involved.

Spamming of other sites or promoting other sites without approval is not permitted. Neither is overstating a point in numerous posts and threads or personal attacks and inappropriate remarks to other members. That includes general barbs where the message can be obviously intended to target a member. Membership is a privilege and can be revoked at any time.

If you have an issue with a post, kindly hit the NOTIFY icon at the bottom of the post and provide an explanation or send a personal message to one of our Moderators. There is one simple rule, Civility and Respect for each other, the players, Coaches, the Organization, the Officials and the League. Treat others with the respect you expect to be treated and never say something to someone you wouldn't say to their face."       
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"There is a greater purpose...that purpose is team. Winning, losing, playing hard, playing well, doing it for each other, winning the right way, winning the right way is a very important thing to me... Championships are won by teams who love one another, who respect one another, and play for and support one another."
~ Coach Tom Coughlin