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How to beat the Cover 2
« on: December 18, 2016, 05:05:23 AM »
The Giants once-potent passing game has been stymied for about a year now by cover 2 man and zone defenses. What is it about this relatively basic, two-high safety look that is causing the Giants so many problems?

Is it that the offensive line can't give the quarterback enough time to let deeper routes up the sideline or in the middle of the field develop? Is it that all three of the Giants top receivers are essentially slot guys who thrive on the shorter routes that cover 2 is adept at taking away? Is it that the Giants offense is almost exclusively based on short, high-percentage passes and the coaching staff hasn't adapted? Is it because of deficiencies at TE that are preventing the Giants from exploiting the seams? Is it because of a decline in skills or a secret injury that is preventing Eli Manning from making the throws?

I'm not sure. But I wanted to offer this article which gives some explanations of how to beat the cover 2, and maybe some ideas of exactly what it is that the Giants are unwilling or unable to do offensively: