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Driving in the US
« on: February 21, 2017, 12:32:21 PM »

 So who are the worst drivers around?  Living in NY, I would have said that NYers would have that title, hands down. They are rude, they do just insane things just to get ahead of one car and they are never wrong, as to they cut you off and give you the finger. As far as rudeness and and things like that, they take the cake, hands down. I would also include NJ drivers in this category, as most are typical NYers anyway, living in the vicinity and have that mentality

That said, I have driven thru a good part of the country. We just got back from a week in North Carolina, on the Outer Banks. Driving down thru Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the NC, I have to say that drivers in Virginia are simply the dumbest drivers I have ever seen. We have driven in Virginia many times, all over the state. The only thought they have is to drive in the left lane and never get out of it until they have to get off some where. It is simply unbelievable, be it on a highway, the interstate or just any old 2/4 lane road. AND, for the most part, people just seem to collect behind whomever is in the lead and stay there, basically tailgating them, either doing 40, 50, 60 or even 70 miles an hour. Rarely do they try to go to the right lane to pass, no, they just stay where they are, probably cursing, why don't they move they hell over?. Myself, I drive in the right lane and pass many of them, just cruising along. On discussing this with natives, I basically think that it the way they have been brought up to drive and it is just natural. I know, at least in many states, they have signs posted to keep right expect to pass, not in Virginia (and NC also). They, say, make a right turn onto the road and immediately head for the left lane even though there is absolutely no one in front of them in either lane. Then some one comes up behind them, not trying to pass in the right lane, but tailgates the leader, basically right on their tail. I couldn't believe I am watching this. At a light, 6 cars are in the left lane and maybe one in the right lane. Is this just stupidity, not knowing any 'rules of the road' or IS it just the way they have been taught to drive.  They are not as rude as NY drivers, but just mentally lacking any common sense.

So, while proudly giving NYers the award for rudest drivers anywhere, I also award Virginia drivers as the stupidest drivers overall. 

Charlie Weiss


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Re: Driving in the US
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2017, 02:00:20 AM »
Driving in Boston is insanity. Red lights mean proceed with caution. Chicago drivers ignore all and any speed limits - in all lanes. Drive as fast as you possibly can within 3 inches of the other guy's bumper.

Ohio drivers do not use turn signals. AT ALL!!! EVER!!! Ohio also has large numbers of people who drive in the left lane BELOW the speed limit. I'm talking on a sunny 50 degree day. The true "prize" comes when it rains. Ohio often gets heavy rain, but you guys have seen worse in the Tri-State area. It is NOT as bad as one of those heavy hitting noreasters and nothing compared to a hurricane. So, imagine a heavy rain starts to fall, you got the wipers going full blast and you're driving on the highway and then - bam - people stop driving their cars. In fairness. the ones with brains pull over to the side of the road. I can respect that. They are too nervous to drive, so get off the road. But a surprisingly large amount of them just hit their brakes and stop right in their lane! The highway looks like a parking lot. They won't drive again until the rain slows down. The first time it happened, I was trying every radio station on the dial to hear what kind of terrible accident, police action, and/or act of war was causing people to just stop their cars on the highway. It didn't even occur to me that it was the rain because some hard rain just means you slow down and you widen the distance between you and the other car.  :crazy: