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Big Blue Huddle / Best of Snacks by Matt
« on: March 23, 2017, 08:23:25 AM »
Matt is posting some nice play breakdowns with snapshots of Snacks in action. Very well done over on the Chalk Board. Take a look.,40835.0.html

Adams ran a 4.54 in the 40.  He had a 4.32 short shuttle and 6.96 3 cone.  Those are hardly numbers of a guy who doesn't have the "speed" or "range".  Seeing how he wasn't even a Combine Invite and I seriously doubt his agent spent big money to send them to one of those special training programs so he could put up better numbers, I would say he is the opposite of what you were claiming.

I was hoping he would become a real success story and not just a case of being in the right place at the right time by mistake. This trio could be a pretty good group os Safeties we have here.
The Front Porch / Re: Let's talk Walking Dead
« on: March 22, 2017, 08:06:38 AM »
Lenn, I hear what you're saying, but I just don't consider it nitpicking when the writers are so obviously being lazy and taking shortcuts. It too often looks patchy and thrown together as if the writer's didn't give a **** about what the viewers might think. For that reason I just can't invest myself in the characters as deeply as I'd like. I've been watching this series from the beginning, (unlike Fear the Walking Dead which I bailed on pretty early), so I do like it at some level. Interesting that you bring up Breaking Bad, another fictional series, which I would agree is one of the, if not the, best series ever. But even though that show often put the characters in quite unbelievable situations, I cared more about it, as well as the characters. I think it's because the show was so well written, and the acting so top notch, that I became emotionally invested in almost every character, every plot twist. That show never wasted anything...dialog, acting, plot, color/shading, sound, etc. Everything was perfectly thought out. Perhaps too high a standard by which to compare other shows, (except maybe Better Call Saul  ;) ). I guess bottom line, I loved Breaking Bad, I enjoy The Walking Dead when it's at its best, but all too often I do get frustrated when when I see so many missed opportunities along the way. I keep watching though.

I've never read the comic so I wouldn't know how this show is tied into it. Perhaps that is why things don't seem to fit well, are incomplete or fail to make sense. It's almost as if they know where they want to get to in a conclusion and then force things into the package to get there. It makes no logical sense that these groups so fragmented and enigmatic will be able to pull together to take down a fairly well organized machine. It looks as though they will do it by script and forced into a package to get it done. It's a matter of suspending reality further to continue to enjoy the show.

I think people watch this show for different reasons. Someone added me to a very large Facebook group called the Talking Dead Club with over 53,000 members. Some watch it for the gore, some for the action, some because of their love for the characters and watch it for the personal storyline and the character development. It's about the human struggle and man's inhumanity against man in an outrageous setting where law and rules don't exist so everyone has to figure out and then redefine who they are and how they decide to live life on their terms.

After this season's opening premier there was a drop in the ratings and the producers and writers reacted with a reversal from the direction they were taking things. Fans were depressed and they felt they had to tone it down. I think it's this and trying to stay somewhat close to the comic line has resulted in some questionable writing. The actors and actresses and the special effects/stunt and makeup team are holding the show together right now. As I see it.

I think they failed to get into the storyline of some of these characters and groups to bring them closer to the plot. More flashbacks into how they were started or in previous lives. All these groups are so close in proximity with a limited amount of supplies feeding off each other just doesn't seem believable that it took so long to discover each other. None of these groups have formed any type of organized government with a constitution and laws and a plan for the future. That perhaps would kill the show and 53,000 people wouldn't be posting on a Facebook group about who should die first or who you hate more or who's group you would join or if Michonne and Rick make a good couple. Some of these people are outrageous fanatics.

The more reasonable fans like us seem to watch the show because of a connection to the characters. Maybe that's why you still hang in there even though you feel the show insults your intelligence. Sorry for the long post and the rambling.     
JBG, Here is the link to the Giants Cap.

The Cap space is 6.8 million for the top 51 with the dead cap and draft class and without these players.
Geno Smith - 2.0
Herzlich '16 salary- 1.0
Blake '16- 1.5
Robinson '16- 2.5
Johnson '16- .865
Total- 7.8mm

So, do the Giants have 12.2mm in cap or are they over the cap?

Big Blue Huddle / Re: Giants Officially Sign QB Geno Smith
« on: March 20, 2017, 09:03:53 PM »
Ok, so let's hope he comes back for camp and doesn't waste a year. The upside is that they can set up some plays for him and we can see how this offense works with an agile QB in the preseason so it can be decided which direction they can move in the post Eli era. Let's hope he never has to play in a game that counts.

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Big Blue Huddle / Re: So, do we really need a 3 tech DT?
« on: March 20, 2017, 08:57:43 PM »
In all fairness to Hankins he wasn't prepared and Likely expected to be the Nose and then Snacks was signed. Would he have dropped 20 lbs had he known? Even now if I had to guess, he's looking for the 0-1 spot in a 4/3. I want him back and I hope they sign him. It would be a shame for some team to snatch him up for a slightly higher contract because he was insulted by the Giants offer. I think his best days are yet to come like Joseph's were.

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Big Blue Huddle / Re: Giants sign Valentino Blake and Mark Herzlich
« on: March 20, 2017, 06:39:00 PM »
Doing a little research on Blake and at first glance, I'd say he's an upgrade of Sensabaugh. But then I wonder why the Steelers let Blake go to sign Sensabaugh...and of course, vice-versa with the Giants. Blake put up pretty good numbers. His stature reminds me a little bit of Donte Deayon. Most likely Blake won't get a lot of playing time ahead of Hall or Wade. But he looks serviceable and easily replaces Sensabaugh
At first glance I thought I read Hall of Fame Wade. I did a double take.

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Big Blue Huddle / Re: If you could get him for a reasonable price
« on: March 20, 2017, 10:31:45 AM »
Never been a fan of Berhe.  He's a less impressive version of Merriweather. If anything, it might be time to look at another mid-late round safety to compete with Berhe.

How many concussions has he had? He can't stay on the field and I wouldn't be surprised if he's cut.
Big Blue Huddle / Re: If you could get him for a reasonable price
« on: March 20, 2017, 10:11:02 AM »
The thing to keep in mind is that Revis got 6MM severance from the Jets and he gets that sitting on the couch. Why wold he sign for less to still get that money. As I understand it, if a team signs him to a 1MM contract, the Jets pay 5mm. He was out of shape last season. Realistically, it shouldn't happen here in NY. If he wants to keep his career going, he signs somewhere. I read Pittsburgh or NE.

Big Blue Huddle / Re: Latest Report on Hankins
« on: March 20, 2017, 09:17:05 AM »
This is a good move. He's holding them up and it's crunch time. If you know what I mean.

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Big Blue Huddle / X and O experts chime in
« on: March 20, 2017, 09:03:02 AM »
Usually, when you hear an O-lineman reporting as eligible, they are essentially playing the TE position but their number indicates they are an offensive lineman.   It's quite common to see this happen in short yardage situations.   So while it's not incorrect to say the team is using 6 offensive linemen, it's more accurate to say one of the offensive linemen is playing the TE role.    Now you might wonder why this isn't done more than in short yardage situations, and the reason is most offensive lineman are one dimensional.  They can block but they can't catch.  So that limits what an offense can do and makes it more predictable (owing to one potential receiver being assured a blocking role) and hence a little easier to defend
Yes Rich, the only reason to do it is to run the ball, be a decoy or mass protect in a kitchen sink pass rush situation. It still puts three receivers on the field in an 11 but usually they go to a 12 in that situation, correct?

Rich, I once thought that since Will Beatty was a converted TE that he could be utilized most effectively in this formation but it was so odd that he never saw the field last season and we have heard nothing about him in the FA market. I think BM deployed this about a half dozen times last season. Do you recall if they passed off it at all? I seem to recall him doing it once or Eli saw the mismatch and called it. I also thought we would see more of Brett Jones at FB since he looked pretty good in that role one game but that never developed. I expected more creativity from BM, quite frankly.

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Big Blue Huddle / Re: So, do we really need a 3 tech DT?
« on: March 19, 2017, 07:05:18 PM »
You raise a good point there. Hankins is still a possibility.

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NFL Draft, NY Giants style / Re: "Best Player Available"
« on: March 19, 2017, 10:50:07 AM »
It's also how a team grades the player. If they don't fit the system, the grade for one team will be lower than a team the player does fit, like LB or DL. Also, a team picking in the low first round will pick a second round player if the grades are close.

By rounds 5-7 and sometimes 4-7, teams look at filling needs or backup or Special Teams. Especially in rounds 5-7. So, BPA does not apply. As I see Rich just mentioned.
Big Blue Huddle / Re: There are no FA Kickers Left
« on: March 18, 2017, 12:16:10 PM »
A missed FG can mean the difference in winning or losing a game. Last year the Giants scored an average of 19.4 points a game and gave up 17.8. Five games were won or lost by 3 points or less. Those 11 wins could have only been 7 wins if a FG was the deciding factor.

There are many aspects to this great game and they are all important. 
I'm getting a Phil Simms kind of feeling about Eli in the next year or two. I think this will be a key season in the Organization's thinking about his future with the team in terms of his contract. They can cut him in 2018 and although the Dead Hit is 12.4mm they would save 9.8mm. In 2019 they would save 17.0mm by cutting him and a dead cap of 6.2mm.

I believe this is a put up year for Eli Manning and I would not be surprised if they draft a QB in the first round in April if their guy was there. I doubt Geno is the guy.
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