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Big Blue Huddle / Re: Vereen Takes Pay Cut
« on: March 23, 2017, 12:23:14 PM »
Their recent signing of Draughn gave them the leverage they needed. Too bad they didn't get that done before they paid him the 500K roster bonus. They needed the cap room, for sure. They can sign Hankins now if they want.
Big Blue Huddle / Re: HOF GM Bill Polian- The RB makes the O-line
« on: March 23, 2017, 12:12:53 PM »
I don't think it's one way or the other, but both.  The line definitely helps the RB but the RB helps the line as well, not rocket science.  It's just like the saying, "run to set up the pass"...well, passing helps set up the run too.

Unfortunately for us, the obverse is correct too....a bad line hurts a RB and a bad RB hurts the line  :surrender:

You took the words right out of my mouth.
Big Blue Huddle / Best of Snacks by Matt
« on: March 23, 2017, 08:23:25 AM »
Matt is posting some nice play breakdowns with snapshots of Snacks in action. Very well done over on the Chalk Board. Take a look.,40835.0.html
Tackles have long careers and there is something to be said about maturity.
Big Blue Huddle / Re: Post Draft Simulators Here:
« on: March 22, 2017, 05:07:42 PM »
..... and his dad was a Giant LOL

Ed:  IMO, he's too much to hope for at pick 23.  Stranger things have happened, but I'm willing to bet a few beers that the Patriots find a way to get him.  Amendola and Edelman are getting old.  Bob

They are both UFA's in 2018. This year they tie up 13.5mm. At 30 and 31 are they really that old or just old in BB years? How many RB's do you think will go before the Giants pick? Do you think the Pats will burn more picks?
Big Blue Huddle / Re: Rob Rang's latest: good news for the BLUE
« on: March 22, 2017, 04:11:56 PM »
excellent choice!

Patient, good vision, follows his blocks well, quick decisions and cuts, agile, good hands, plays fast although his 40 time is not great at a 4.5 avg., can play slot and return also and has decent strength for his size. Tough to grab at the second level. He had some nice holes to run through and don't know how is is in pass pro. He would be a nice weapon to have. 
The Front Porch / Re: Latest shows I'm watching
« on: March 22, 2017, 02:54:53 PM »
The OA looks interesting. I don't have netflix though.

Adams ran a 4.54 in the 40.  He had a 4.32 short shuttle and 6.96 3 cone.  Those are hardly numbers of a guy who doesn't have the "speed" or "range".  Seeing how he wasn't even a Combine Invite and I seriously doubt his agent spent big money to send them to one of those special training programs so he could put up better numbers, I would say he is the opposite of what you were claiming.

I was hoping he would become a real success story and not just a case of being in the right place at the right time by mistake. This trio could be a pretty good group os Safeties we have here.
The Front Porch / Re: Latest shows I'm watching
« on: March 22, 2017, 08:19:03 AM »
Steve, have you watched any of the series, Humans which just ended what I think was it's second season? I never watched the first season but it came together pretty well.

I started to watch Mars but it was so slow moving I bailed.   

Are these shows you recommend only on netflix or are they on channels like Showtime, AMC, HBO and Cinemax?

The Front Porch / Re: Let's talk Walking Dead
« on: March 22, 2017, 08:06:38 AM »
Lenn, I hear what you're saying, but I just don't consider it nitpicking when the writers are so obviously being lazy and taking shortcuts. It too often looks patchy and thrown together as if the writer's didn't give a **** about what the viewers might think. For that reason I just can't invest myself in the characters as deeply as I'd like. I've been watching this series from the beginning, (unlike Fear the Walking Dead which I bailed on pretty early), so I do like it at some level. Interesting that you bring up Breaking Bad, another fictional series, which I would agree is one of the, if not the, best series ever. But even though that show often put the characters in quite unbelievable situations, I cared more about it, as well as the characters. I think it's because the show was so well written, and the acting so top notch, that I became emotionally invested in almost every character, every plot twist. That show never wasted anything...dialog, acting, plot, color/shading, sound, etc. Everything was perfectly thought out. Perhaps too high a standard by which to compare other shows, (except maybe Better Call Saul  ;) ). I guess bottom line, I loved Breaking Bad, I enjoy The Walking Dead when it's at its best, but all too often I do get frustrated when when I see so many missed opportunities along the way. I keep watching though.

I've never read the comic so I wouldn't know how this show is tied into it. Perhaps that is why things don't seem to fit well, are incomplete or fail to make sense. It's almost as if they know where they want to get to in a conclusion and then force things into the package to get there. It makes no logical sense that these groups so fragmented and enigmatic will be able to pull together to take down a fairly well organized machine. It looks as though they will do it by script and forced into a package to get it done. It's a matter of suspending reality further to continue to enjoy the show.

I think people watch this show for different reasons. Someone added me to a very large Facebook group called the Talking Dead Club with over 53,000 members. Some watch it for the gore, some for the action, some because of their love for the characters and watch it for the personal storyline and the character development. It's about the human struggle and man's inhumanity against man in an outrageous setting where law and rules don't exist so everyone has to figure out and then redefine who they are and how they decide to live life on their terms.

After this season's opening premier there was a drop in the ratings and the producers and writers reacted with a reversal from the direction they were taking things. Fans were depressed and they felt they had to tone it down. I think it's this and trying to stay somewhat close to the comic line has resulted in some questionable writing. The actors and actresses and the special effects/stunt and makeup team are holding the show together right now. As I see it.

I think they failed to get into the storyline of some of these characters and groups to bring them closer to the plot. More flashbacks into how they were started or in previous lives. All these groups are so close in proximity with a limited amount of supplies feeding off each other just doesn't seem believable that it took so long to discover each other. None of these groups have formed any type of organized government with a constitution and laws and a plan for the future. That perhaps would kill the show and 53,000 people wouldn't be posting on a Facebook group about who should die first or who you hate more or who's group you would join or if Michonne and Rick make a good couple. Some of these people are outrageous fanatics.

The more reasonable fans like us seem to watch the show because of a connection to the characters. Maybe that's why you still hang in there even though you feel the show insults your intelligence. Sorry for the long post and the rambling.     
The Front Porch / Let's talk Walking Dead
« on: March 21, 2017, 11:11:43 PM »
Did you watch the episode Ed? Because there was a long dialogue explaining how Rosita hated not being to take care of herself in this new world. So, she went from man to man, picking up whatever survival skills he happened to be well versed in, until she was better at it than he was. She made herself into the ultimate apocalypse survivor. Why would any show give such a backstory to an "idiot'? Maybe the problem is NOT that the characters have been written to come across as "idiots", thus making this suicide mission more understandable, but rather that the writers have taken so many shortcuts, told so many contradictions, and - to be honest - had to deal with withering repercussions from an opening episode that was, in fact, gore filled, but also more true to the world our characters inhabit than any episode since. Bad writing doesn't make a character an "idiot". It does call into question how closely the audience has been watching since the characters first appeared. Sasha and Rosita idiots? Sure, if you want to discount every episode that they appeared in before this one. Then it makes perfect sense. Otherwise, find fault with those that wrote a script that simply makes little to no sense based on everything that has gone on before.

Also, pre-Neegan, Sasha had to be all but dragged down from the Alexandria tower, she was so determined to protect the group. So, now, even though she believes that Maggie is "the future" of Hilltop, she assigns Maggie's protection to a teen that has shown herself to disappear at the first sign of trouble? That same teen, remarkably, Sasha also believes to the future of Hilltop? Two such critical women and, yet, Sasha decides this is the opportune time to go on a suicide mission? Sasha discusses, very sensibly, taking Neegan out from a sniper position, but completely abandons the idea when the FIRST time Neegan comes outside, she doesn't have a clean shot?(which she actually did - bad editing!) Sasha and Rosita are sheltered, face no danger from walkers, and Sasha gives up after one try? Why would Sasha give up the high ground when there was no threat forcing the women to leave that spot?   ~X( ~X( ~X(

They know there is a plan in place to be prepared to get this done right. Instead they decide to take matters into their own hands because they have a vendetta to serve. Putting not only themselves in danger but others as well. If they succeed, someone else takes over and people die. If they fail, people die. The idiot Rosita failed once already and got someone killed and got Eugene taken away. Eugene is smart enough to know they would be hunted down and he would have to live in fear and that others would die if he escaped leaving a dead body.

You're right, Rick is no leader. Negan is a leader. He delegates and stays on top of everything and keeps everyone close to the vest. Rick leaves and doesn't control the soldiers to go on a honeymoon while searching for guns. Meanwhile the group gets fragmented and other agendas get served. They need to all be on the same page.

Tuck, if I were Rick, I would know what these two had planned and if they decided to be loose cannons after a serious sit down, I would have to put a bullet in their heads because they are a serious liability and put others in grave danger. Unless another alternative could be figured out other than locking them in a room. Kicking them out would still lead to consequences.

I have no confidence in these fragmented groups forming an alliance with each having their own needs to be served and not knowing how many outposts they have. Each leader is uncontrollable and Rick is hoping for cooperation. He's not the head.

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Big Blue Huddle / Re: D Harris Still a Giant
« on: March 21, 2017, 10:49:17 PM »

Jordan Raanan?Verified account @JordanRaanan  59m59 minutes ago
 Dwayne Harris can actually make more money if he averages over 10 yards per punt this season. #Giants

That ain't happening.

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Big Blue Huddle / Re: Giants sign Shaun Draughn - RB
« on: March 21, 2017, 10:45:52 PM »
Good bye Bobby Rainey.

or is he a free agent?
Free Agent

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Big Blue Huddle / Re: Giants Officially Sign QB Geno Smith
« on: March 21, 2017, 04:31:46 PM »
Is he the first Black QB on a Giant's roster that's not going to move back and forth from the practice squad?

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