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Gallman reminds me of Paul Perkins' twin.....a little

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He will make releasing Vereen easy if he shows any ounce of production.
Big Blue Huddle / Re: And the DBs just keep coming off the board
« Last post by state_property on Today at 09:17:31 PM »
bama, I waited to see if they would take one with the 4th pick and I am shocked that they didn't take advantage of the depth at the position of CB. But it's not an everlasting well. Rich had been saying that he felt they could take one in the 5th. I hope he was right.

I predicted they won't draft one...they will get a UDFA corner or get one off the waiver wire.
Gallman may be expected to step right in. I agree with you that it's a good move to bring in a Veteran Short yardage back.

They need to sign a Veteran Swing Tackle this week. Like tomorrow. Not happening though. It's Flowers, Fluker and Hart. End of story.


  As near as I can determine  here is a list of OT--free agents still unsigned

I believe all these names have been kicked around here on the BBH

King Dunlap
Ryan Clady
Gord  Cherilus
Austin Pasztor
Tony Hills
Bradley Sowell
Mike Adams  Bears
Nick Rector  Bears
David Quessenberry  Texans
Sebastian Vollmer

As I said I believe all have been worked over here before--



When my kids were very little and just entering Little League--the common thought then was --"raise your kid to be a catcher"  It was the quickest way to the majors

I think now the theme should be''riaise your kid to be a LT--its the quickest way to the NFL""
Two full drafts and we draft 1 OL in round 6.  Have to respect OHara's opinion here.

However, we have been needing a decent 2nd-string QB for a long while.  Hopefully, this fills a need for backup QB better than our last drafted QB did.

My guess is the Giants are going to be watching the waiver wire vigorously and wait to see what veteran OL become available. I think they prefer to put a Vet out there that is familiar with the NFL nuisances of a defense than a rookie primed to get take to school.
Big Blue Huddle / Re: Guess Which Team Got the Top WR in the Draft
« Last post by BayAreaGiant on Today at 09:10:50 PM »
If he is truly just a WR, then that is probably the last thing that the Giants needed. They already have Beckham, Shepard, and Marshall with Harris, King and Lewis on the roster as well. How often do they go 4 wide in the NFL leaving Ellison in to help Flowers with no running back. This means that on most downs one of the top 4 will be on the sidelines and that does not lead to contented players in this day and age. The Giants also do not scare any one with their running attack and we all know that Manning is not a threat to run. So the defense can pin their ears back and head for the QB. Engram may be an excellent player but he does not fit with the Giants roster as presently constituted especially given the lack of a sturdy OL. It will probably be another season of chuck and duck and that does not win championships. Until they address the OL situation, they will never be a true Super Bowl or even conference championship threat. Reese and Ross do not appear to understand that the game is won upfront on both sides of the ball. WRs are nice, but unless you are playing in the CFL, the number that can be used and kept happy are limited. 
That is a sweet little clip. Wish I could save it and make it my avatar - lol

Man, he runs away from Reed like it was no contest. Amazing!  :o
Big Blue Huddle / Re: UDFA Want list - Post yours here
« Last post by Jolly Blue Giant on Today at 08:57:45 PM »
Wouldn't you think that any UDFA  OT would be calling the Giants??

Problem is there just arent that many


Yeah, you'd think. And you're right - there just aren't many promising offensive lineman anywhere in this draft class. If there was, the teams would have been fighting over them because there is at least a dozen teams in far worse shape than the Giants on the o-line.

So far the Giants have signed two UDFA linemen:

OG Jessamen Dunker (Tennessee State)
OT Chad Wheeler (USC)

Bob -  :boooo: :boooo: :boooo: :boooo:

You can do MUCH better than that!
i read somewhere that if they signed Blount before the draft they would lose any compensatory pick they would get from losing Hankins.....maybe they sign him now the draft is over.....go Giants!!!!!
Does anyone think it's possible Eli telephoned his old pal O'Hara.....

Eli: "Hey number 60!!!.....what's up?"
O'Hara: ".... uh...what?.... oh yeah, that was my jersey number.... who is this?"
Eli: "It's Eli, you old son-of-a...."
O'Hara: "hey bud, long time no hands..."
Eli: "What's up?"
O'Hara: "... nothing much, how are they hangin'?"
Eli: "Oh, the usual..... you know,...  lawsuits for phony merchandise... same old, same old.."
O'Hara: "What can I do for ya, bud?...."
Eli: "I hear you're doing the NFL Network's post-draft broadcast again this year, right?"
O'Hara: "Yeah... hey, thanks!  You're at least the second person to take notice of that... Tom Coughlin called yesterday...."
Eli: "Never mind that....  er....  I was wondering if....."
O'Hara: "Say no more....I still have a few leftover jerseys.... we can peel off the "6" and replace it with a "1".... no one will ever know the difference..."
Eli: "Focus, Sean.... wait.... hang on a minute...."

[background conversation]

Eli: "What?... on our land line?.... who is it?   
Mrs. Eli: "Coach McAdoo"   
Eli: "Tell him I already know they drafted a quarterback.... after all, we have a TV set...."

Eli: "Sean, you still there?"
O'Hara: "yes... hello?.... who is this?"
Eli: "It's still me, Eli"
O'Hara: "Oh yeah, how are you?"
Eli: "We already went through that........ er.... could you do me a small favor?"
O'Hara: "Anything for the guy who got me a close-up look at the Stanley Cup."
Eli: "Uh... OK.... could you mention on the broadcast that the Giants might forgot something this weekend..?
O'Hara: "Did they lock you out of the building again?..... wait, I think I still have my spare key..."
Eli: "No, Sean.....they forgot to draft offensive linemen"
O'Hara: No they didn't.... they got Jethro Pugh and that guy from Gilligan's Island.... Thurston Weston Richburg Howell XXXI....."
Eli: "...stop..."
O'Hara: "...... and the guy with two first names...... that's very confusing for an announcer when they do that, you know...."
Eli: .... please stop...."
O'Hara: ".... and Bobby Hart from Lauderhill, Florida, and....."
Eli: "Louder what?"
Eli: "No, louder...."
Eli: "Never mind!"
O'Hara: ".... Well YOU called ME....."
Eli: "Wait... stop talking for a minute..... we need MORE offensive linemen."
O'Hara: "Well I don't think they'll let you play with more than five at a time....."
Eli: "No.... we need BETTER ones"
O'Hara: "Better than what?"
Eli: "You know... like you..."
O'Hara: "Aw shucks..."
Eli: "Please focus!....  Flowers will get me killed...."
O'Hara: "Well, you may have to go to Colorado, you know, where it's legal..... to get some that won't have any flowers in it..."
Eli: "I'm talking about ERECK Flowers, our left ta..."
O'Hara: "Oh, him.  Well, what did you expect from a guy with "wreck" in his first name?.... Yuk Yuk Yuk..."
Eli: "Seriously, Sean, I fear for my health and..."
O'Hara: ".... why do you think Reese signed the guy from Canada who's going to medical school?.... the team paid for him to get certified in CPR just in case....."
Eli: "Ah..... is there anyone else is in the studio who can talk with me for a minute?"


Well done Bob. Hilarious  :laugh:
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